Okay, I also love knitting socks.  So I’ve joined the best sock KAL I’ve seen in awhile – the Favorite Socks KAL based on the Interweave Press book which comprises socks that have been published in their magazines before.  How nice it is to have all these wonderful patterns in one place.

So guess what?  I’ve got another little “button” to try to somehow get to show up on my blog.


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I really love lace.  I’ve just joined the Victorian Lace Today Knitalong.  Unfortuantely I have NO idea how to add the little “sticker” to my blog.  Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon and without stealing someone else’s bandwidth – whatever that is.

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It’s just me and my needles…and 8 children of course

Hello and welcome to my journey into blogworld. My name is Queen of the World and I share quarters with King of the World  and our 8 darling children who will from here on out be referred to as #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #8. (I love James Bond, can you tell?) For future reference #2, #7, and #8 are girls leaving the remaining ones boys. #3 and #4 are twins, fraternal.

Why am I here? To share my OCD knitting life with those who care – and those who don’t. I must go and tend to #8 so just a quick thank you to all of my sponsors. “Thank you.”

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